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The DUAL SYSTEM FORMS products by Yenis Abella include all the necessary materials, either the chemicals or tools, to obtain the best results in the application of nails modeling techniques using acrylic products, but also the Dual System Forms are designed to work with UV gel products.

All the products are of exceptional quality-price worthy of the most exquisite of the professionals of the sector, with incredible finishes and very easy to work, manufactured according to the specifications of Yenis Abella in laboratories of US and the EU. complying with all international regulations established for the manufacture, sale and uses of our products.
















Questions asked by Nail Tech and answered by Yenis Abella


Q … What exactly are DUAL SYSTEM FORMS (DSF)?

A … A DSF can pretty well be described as a mould for making nail enhancements.  You fill the mould (the DUAL SYSTEM FORMS) with the nail product of your choice, then turn it over and Put it onto the prepared nail surface while the product is still moist.  A few minutes later you remove it off the surface of the product and you are left with a perfectly structured and balanced nail enhancement which is beautifully shiny without any further filing or buffing.


Q … if using DUAL SYSTEM FORMS  does that mean all my client’s nails will look identical?

A … Structurally all the nails made using DUAL SYSTEM FORMS  are the same but the nail technician still has the freedom to create whatever free edge design the client prefers; oval, square, soft square, round etc.  In this way, they do not differ from hand made nails.


Q … Aren’t the nails made using DUAL SYSTEM FORMS  just glorified stick-ons?

A … Definitely Not.  When using DUAL SYSTEM FORMS  nothing is glued to the nail surface.  The product is chemically bonded to the nail plate just as if you were applying the product in the ordinary way. In fact, in most cases the chemical bond is stronger than normal as the pressure used to apply the DUAL SYSTEM FORMS  is greater than one can achieve with a brush.  You rarely see any lifting when using DUAL SYSTEM FORMS  to apply your product.


Q … Can you use Pink & White or coloured powders for different French Looks with DUAL SYSTEM FORMS?

A … It is possible but you will loose the benefit of speed unless you use White French Tips.


Q … Won’t these DUAL SYSTEM FORMS  make it possible for anyone at all to do great looking enhancements?

A … However as with anything, the more skilful you are as a technician the better the result is going to be when using DUAL SYSTEM FORMS.   But yes, it will allow for less skilful technicians to make much better looking and consistent enhancements if they are not naturally artistic.


Q … Is this the end of technicians with talent?

A … No.  The handmade nail enhancement will still be the most customised, exclusive and beautiful way to do nail enhancements by a nail technician with artistic talent.


Q … How do you rebalance the DUAL SYSTEM FORMS  nails?

A … There are several different options.  For the speediest option, you would prepare the enhancement for rebalance in the normal way. And use a DUAL SYSTEM FORMS  filled with one colour of product and applied over the top.  You can always do a rebalance using the ordinary hand-made method too.


Q … How can I do a French rebalance using DUAL SYSTEM FORMS?

A … For the quickest option, you would prepare the nails for a French Rebalance, Apply More Than White liquid Acrylic or a Paint-On white gel and cure.  Then use a DUAL SYSTEM FORMS  filled with one colour of product and applied over the top.


Q … Can I do Custom Blend Manicures using DUAL SYSTEM FORMS?

A … Yes you can, but you will loose the benefit of a speedier application working this way.


Q … Isn’t using DUAL SYSTEM FORMS  just a ‘cheating’ way of doing nails if you aren’t skilful at using a brush?

A … I think nail technicians who are proud of their skill at doing nail enhancements have to view DUAL SYSTEM FORMS  as just another way to do nails; an alternative method.  In the past, skilled painters and decorators always used brushes and now they all use pads and rollers.  It’s the same thing, newer and quicker methods.  There will always be a demand for beautiful hand made custom nail enhancements but at least those doing less than attractive nails now and those causing damage, can produce better and safer nails for their clients when using DUAL SYSTEM FORMS. 


Q … I do beautiful nails now, why would I be interested in using DUAL SYSTEM FORMS?

A … I can’t think of any busy nail technician who likes spending hours of her time doing her own nails.  Using DUAL SYSTEM FORMS  will enable the busy nail technician to do nails in 20 minutes max.



Q … When applying the DUAL SYSTEM FORMS  to the prepared nail, isn’t there a danger of uncured product seeping out and causing eventual overexposure?

A … DUAL SYSTEM FORMS  have a distinctive structure which prevents seepage onto the skin surrounding the nail.  This is one of the exclusive features of the DUAL SYSTEM FORMS  design which makes them unique.


Q … Can I use the DUAL SYSTEM FORMS  for more than one application?

A … No , the beautiful shine is not as shiny.  It is best to think of DUAL SYSTEM FORMS  as a disposable item, like you would a tip, and discard them after a one use.  You will have got more than your money’s worth from them at that stage.


Q … Can I use DUAL SYSTEM FORMS  for toenail enhancement?

A … Yes you can.


Q … Can I use DUAL SYSTEM FORMS  for doing nail art?

A … You can have a ball playing with DUAL SYSTEM FORMS  and embedded nail art or designs made using different coloured powders or glitters and not having to do any finishing.


Q … Is the finished surface smooth enough to apply polish when using DSF?

A … The finished surface when using DSF is even smoother and shinier than you can do by hand.  The surface is like a ‘competition’ shine. Polish will look more beautiful than ever before.



DSF PACK 120 PCS $7.90/Pack  |  MIN. ORDER $2,500.00 | FOR SPECIAL ORDERS SEND A EMAIL TO or call +1 786 318 0110