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If the signature is the extension of the hand. The nails on the woman are the main reflection of her beauty and femininity. For Yenis abella, inventor of DUAL SYSTEM FORMS. Nails are our business card.

I was born in the Carib, and there the nails are very deep-rooted in this culture. It forms a part of the Latin women idiosyncrasy, attractive and very sensual. With only nine years old I was devoting myself in the door of my grandparents home, to do manicure and to paint the nails to whom they me were demanding it. While time passages, together with the music, it was turning into my passion and I was developing all the technologies that it knew, from the sticking nails to the more complex technical of the acrylic and U.V. Gel nails.

And it was here where I realized the great effort that the professional must realize to achieve ended exceptional, that were demanding a lot of time of application and much control of the technology, raising this way the cost to the clients. As consequence I began to develop the technology that today I present them, based on a form that obtains a few perfect with natural results and quality, in the record time of twenty minutes.

Firstly, our innovation is our DUAL SYSTEM FORMS TECHNIQUE, the one and only system, first in all the world to use acrylic products and of U.V. Gel, with more than two years of work and effort, developing new materials and correcting the problems that were arising for the way, we have achieved that Ys Nails is considered to be the best system in the world of accomplishment of artificial nails by means of forms.

It is a question of using our DUAL SYSTEM FORMS as insole of the natural nails, applying the mixing directly on the form, and not doing on the natural nail like till now. Once I refill the form we place it on the natural nail and once it is dry we it withdraw and obtain a perfect and natural nail, without to sculpt and to polish the new surface. An average technician, with our method, can realize both hands in only twenty minutes.

The DUAL SYSTEM FORMS success in diverse international lounges. Professionals that they was doing time did not realize acrylic or UV Gel nails due to your complexity of accomplishment, they obtain today, thanks to our system, a few exceptional results. And this way, of Lounge in Lounge we have crossed the Spanish geography harvesting big successes, with clients of the whole world, where us a brilliant future is augured.

The DUAL SYSTEM FORMS products are designed to offer the best results in quality, permanence, resistance and a very good relation quality - price, DUAL SYSTEM FORMS's interest is that our clients could have their splendid nails without doing a hollow in her economy, and we have achieved it.

DUAL SYSTEM FORMS, with your new system in the world by means of forms for the reconstruction of acrylic & UV Gel nails has the intention of creating the new woman of the 21st century:


Yenis Abella Rodríguez - DUAL SYSTEM FORMS Inventor & Founder